Wednesday October 22 - 1.30pm
Job Posting: Build SFU Administrative Assistant
Internal/External Job Posting Build SFU Minute Taker / Administrative Assistant (Designated Assistant) Description: The Build SFU Minute Taker /... Read More
Notice of Referendum
Referendum Campaign Registration forms are available at the SFSS General Office (MBC 2250). The form will be available online during the nomination period. Campaign budgets may not... Read More
WANTED: IEC Commissioners
The Simon Fraser Student Society seeks students for the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC): Four (4) Commissioners The IEC is responsible for administering student society... Read More

Fall Workshops

We have following workshops planned for the Fall semester: Financial Fluency, Standard First Aid, Nuts and Bolts for DSU Executives, Food Safe, SFU Student Governance. Click here to register and for more information.

Open Textbooks

Help us lobby the SFU Administration to incite participation and involvement in the BC Open Textbook Program. Show your support for the movement towards free open textbooks! Sign the petition!

Office Hours

Click here for Board of Directors office hours and Committee times.


Click here for Staff office hours and hours of operation.

Food Bank Program

SFU Student Services will be withdrawing from the food distribution aspect of the Food Bank by December 31, 2013. The SFSS Food Bank Pilot Program will be launched on October 1, 2013.

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