SFSS Service Feedback
Have you used our services? We want to hear from you!  The General Office Food... Read More
Trans and Gender Diverse Guide to SFU
Welcome to the Trans and Gender Diverse Guide to SFU! University can be great, but it can also be complicated and confusing, especially for trans and gender diverse students. This... Read More
Clubs Days Spring 2017
One of the most direct ways that students interact with the Simon Fraser Student Society is through participating in one of our 300+ clubs. We host Clubs Days every semester, so be... Read More
Help Wanted: Four Commissioners
Commissioner, Independent Electoral Commission Description: The Commissioners of the Independent Electoral Commission shall support the Chief Commissioner in the... Read More

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Open Textbooks

Find out how you can help us lobby the SFU Administration to incite participation and involvement in the BC Open Textbook Program. Sign the petition!

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Food Bank Program

The SFSS Emergency Food Bank Program is intended for students in a state of need and is meant to replace a physical, traditional food bank. 

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