Council is the venue for cross-campus dialogue of the student community. Council is composed of representatives from each department and faculty student union, SFSS and community constituency groups, as well as the members of the SFSS Board of directors. This is a unique representative body that discusses the issues and challenges faced by individual departments, faculties and constituencies so that students may respond collectively. Council complements and informs the work of the Student Society’s Board of Directors.

Councillors are selected through the department student unions for departments, faculty student unions for faculties (where applicable), and through the collectives/councils for constituency groups. For contact information, click here to visit the directory of student unions. If your student union or constituency group doesn't show up on the list below, that means they don't currently have a representative on the Council and their voice is missing from the conversation.

To submit items for the agenda for future meetings of Council, please e-mail and with your request and any supporting documentation. For information on Council as a body, please contact the Student Union Organiser.

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