Our Staff

The permanent staff of the SFSS are professionals who have specialized skills related to organizing, non-profit administration, finance and accounting, peer support, graphic design, project management and much more. Several of them have worked for student unions for more than 10 years, some more than 20. Each staff person has a detailed job description and a fairly well defined area of responsibility, but also flexibility to help the organization deal with whatever the current situation requires.

In general, the staff members' role is to implement the decisions of the Board, maintain the programs and services of the society, uphold society policies, and facilitate student participation in the society wherever appropriate. Part of the character of the SFSS is that it is a work place and also a learning environment.

SFSS staff members respect the management role of Board members; staff also help Board members to learn new skills related to management, organizing, and more. All staff members have a long-term vested interest in the members of the Board doing the best possible job that they can. Helping Board members, and all students involved with the SFSS, achieve their full potential is a top priority for SFSS staff.

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