What is the SFSS?

The Simon Fraser Student Society is a student-led organization that represents and advocates for the interests of the 25,000+ undergraduate students at SFU. As an undergraduate student, YOU are a member of the SFSS and benefit from all the services and opportunities we offer.

Originally established in 1967, the SFSS has maintained a long tradition of students working together to improve life for students. In its first year, the Society organized social events, started a newspaper, co-sponsored Vietnam teach-ins, started a co-op bookstore, and organized many protests. Throughout the years, many successful campaigns have been organized through the Society, including the U-Pass BC program and more recently, Build SFU, a project dedicated to building a new student union building and stadium for SFU’s Burnaby campus.

Today, the SFSS serves the undergraduate population through providing various services, organizing events and providing opportunities for students to get involved through our 50+ Faculty and Departmental Student Unions, 300+ clubs, Council, and 15+ committees (all of which are open to our membership). The Society also maintains its strong commitment to improving student life through its advocacy campaigns.

The SFSS is governed by a student-elected Board of Directors, who are elected every Spring semester to serve a one-year term (see our current Board of Directors here). They are advised by Council, a body representing every faculty and department student union and constituency group across all three SFU campuses. In addition, the Society employs many permanent and student staff who provide both front-line services and offer behind-the-scenes support for Society activities (see our Staff list here).

While our main offices are located in Maggie Benston Centre at Burnaby campus, we also have an office at SFU Surrey. SFSS Constituency groups such as Out on Campus, the Women’s Centre and the First Nations Student Association are also based in Burnaby. Further, a number of services are also available to our Vancouver-based members, administered through our main offices.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Food & beverage services such as the Ladle (which serves vegetarian meals), the Highland Pub and the Higher Grounds coffee shop (all located in Maggie Benston Centre) in addition to catering for on-campus events;
  • Student-centric spaces such as the Atrium (and food court), the Undergrounds, conference rooms, and zero-level study space in MBC, as well as the Rotunda;
  • A Copy Centre that offers affordable printing, copying and binding services;
  • Room and equipment bookings;
  • An extended health and dental plan;
  • The U-Pass BC Program;
  • A free legal clinic;
  • the Ombudsperson (jointly with SFU and the GSS);
  • An emergency food bank certificate program;

If you are interested in getting involved, feel free to browse our Clubs list, DSU list or follow us on social media for announcements on paid and volunteer opportunities. If you have any further questions, stop by our General Office on Burnaby Campus, located in Maggie Benston Centre 2250, or our Surrey Office in SUR 3390.