Funding & Grants

Funding for SFSS Clubs

  • Grant requests must be submitted via the Club Portal under 'Club Management Tools & Forms'. 
  • Only club executives with fund/facilities roles can apply for a grant online through the club portal
  • For requests under grants under $500 must be submitted 10 CALENDAR DAYS in advance.
  • For requests of requests of $500 and over must be submitted 20 CALENDAR DAYS in advance. 
  • Bear in mind that a grant may only be awarded in part. It helps to have other revenue sources to offset event costs, such as sponsorship, entrance fees, or charging for food/beverages, etc.

Reimbursement Process

When your club's grant has been approved, please review the granted amounts carefully! 

  • Receipts MUST fully match the granted budget line category ( eg. be for the cost of Decorations, Snacks/Drinks, Honoraria, etc.)
  • Receipts MUST be a detailed list of items (not simply your Debit / Credit print out)
  • Invoices and e-receipts MUST indicate payment was made
  • Invoices in other than English MUST identify the item purchased and country currency.

Accesibility Funding

Funding is available to help make events more accessible to students with disabilities.

The Simon Fraser Student Society Accessibility Fund began in 2005. Students with disabilities and any event organizer can use this fund to increase accessibility and remove barriers to participation in Student Socity activities for students with disabilities.

"SFSS activites" mean any meetings and events organized by Departmental Student Unions, SFSS Clubs, or the SFSS.

Contact the SFSS for more information.