Tips & Promo

Club and Departmental Student Union Event Planning

There's nothing more fun than planning events on campus with clubs and departmental student unions.  Whether it be social events, academic events, or other types, the SFSS can help you plan your event.
Need some ideas?  Here's some examples of previous successful events:
  • on campus social
  • publish a newsletter
  • host or co-sponsor a conference
  • weekly seminar series
  • guest lecturer from out of town
  • colloquium or symposium of student
  • academic work- great for your c.v.
  • intramural sports, paintball etc
  • music night
  • LAN party
  • shared academic resources
  • group kayaking, rafting, etc
  • exam prep sessions
  • career fair- invite community
  • shared periodical subscriptions
  • contests
  • liase with faculty on departmental issues
  • Long term campus projects, like a bike tool cooperative
  • talent night/no talent night
  • recital or performance
  • themed pub night
  • bands in the pub
  • movie night
  • campaign for more common rooms
  • student leadership retreats
  • grad/portfolio exhibition
  • field trip to relevant academic site
  • anti-calendar (students evaluate classes)
  • speaker series
  • grad school info session
  • off campus social
  • gaming night
  • barbeque
  • bowling night
  • t-shirts or other merchandise
  • dinner-dance, formals
  • first year orientations/frosh week
  • joint events with other unions


There are many ways for clubs to advertise at SFU, including the following:


Add your event to the calendar on!

Clubs’ Tables

Located in the bustling south concourse of the AQ, clubs’ tables are a great way to promote your club to the SFU community. You can make a table reservation at the GO. Because space is limited and clubs are abundant, you can only have a table for a maximum of 5 days at time. 4 of the 7 clubs’ tables have a poster board behind them, which can be used by the renter to display club information for the duration of their reservation.

Poster Boards

There are poster boards available all over campus to advertise events - the problem is finding them all!
Here's a poster board map indicating all the SFSS boards and what day of the week they are cleared. Please post only one poster per board and do your best to respect other posters.
Also, when printing posters, please consider using the SFSS Copy Centre as they are able to offer clubs a minimum 25% discount!

If you would like to post in the Convocation Mall, please come to the GO with a couple of posters for us to stamp and put up on the relevant boards. These posters should remain up until the event is over.

Booking banner spaces & display boards

There are a total of 8 8-foot banner spaces/cases available in the ASB, Convocation Mall, and the Transport Corridor. You can book one space at the SFSS General Office for a maximum of 2 weeks at a time.

Eye in the Sky

Notices can be placed on the TVs around campus. These TVs, called “eye in the sky”, will continually display your message for a set period of time (normally up to 5 days). To book an ad, come into the GO and request an “eye in the sky” booking form. These must be completed at least 24 hours before you want your message displayed.

Campus Road FacMan Board

The large sign on University Way leading up to campus can be booked through the SFSS General Office. Come into the GO at least 5 working days before your event and fill out a “FacMan Sign Request” to reserve the board. There is a cost of around $60.00 for using the sign.

Club e-mail bulletin

Every Wednesday the GO sends a “Club Bulletin” to to notify club executives about important club administration information (i.e. Clubs’ Days sign-up, etc.) and to provide a venue for clubs to promote their events to the club list. The mailing list consists of email addresses designated by clubs in their club registration package under “for General Office” use. To avoid extensive spamming, we ask that clubs provide an email that only reaches executives members. If you would like to post an event on the Club Bulletin, please email the information to