Why should I form a club?

Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) Clubs, managed through the SFSS General Office (GO), provide a framework for sharing cultural, religious, social, spiritual or political interests, for having fun & meeting new people, and for gaining invaluable experience. Clubs sponsored by the SFSS have access to a number of services & advantages, including SFU room reservations, club email & webspace accounts, funding, event planning assistance, and much more.

What types of clubs are sponsored by the SFSS?

The SFSS has hosted a variety of clubs, ranging from the Accounting Association to the Zombie Militia! Typical categories include religious, cultural, political, social and special interest, all of which must be open to ALL members of the SFU community. Clubs with a recreational focus (which includes most physical activity or sports) are administered through Recreation & Athletics, as the SFSS does not have appropriate insurance coverage to host such clubs.

How do I form a new club?

It’s pretty straightforward, really. All you need is a great idea and a minimum of ten SFU students who support it. A great way to advertise your club and sign up members is to attend Clubs’ Days, held during week 2 of every semester. You can signup for a Clubs Days table in the SFSS General Office. At some point in week 3, your club must arrange a meeting with your members. At this point you can elect your two (or more!) club executives, register online at http://www.sfss.ca/Clubs_Overview.html, review your club constitution and discuss plans for the semester. Your club executives are also required to attend a new executive orientation meeting, which are also held in the third week and will be advertised at Clubs Days. The last step is to confirm that your club has registered online at http://www.sfss.ca/Clubs_Overview.html and to submit the liability waiver to the SFSS General Office by the third Friday of the semester. The registration process must be completed every semester your club wishes to operate.

How do I acquire funding for my club?

Membership fees: Clubs are not expected to collect membership fees. However, collecting dues is a great way for the club to raise extra money and to encourage a more dedicated membership.

Core funding: All registered clubs, regardless of membership, will be given $20 for minor items such as snacks for a meeting, printing, supplies, and anything reasonably related to the club mandate. Clubs also receive a printing fund of $50 per semester, an A/V fund of $150 per semester, and a room-booking fund of $200 per semester. These funds do not carry over or bank, so they can only be used in the current semester.

Grant via proposal: Grants are available for all clubs who need extra money to fund an event, social or project. To gain access to grant funding, clubs must submit a proposal, including a detailed budget projection, at least two weeks in advance of the event.  Only grants strictly for A/V equipment can be submitted with less than one week’s notice. Proposals can be submitted at any time during the semester or a semester ahead to allow for advanced planning. The General Office coordinators can approve proposed grants of $499 and under, while the Granting Committee must approve amounts over $500. Because Granting meets biweekly, you must hand in your proposal at least two weeks in advance and be prepared to attend the meeting to motivate your request. Once approved, the funds will be credited to the club’s grant account and may only be used for expenses incurred by the approved event budget. Detailed till receipts and a completed Event Summary Form must be submitted to receive a reimbursement. Any unused money will revert back to the grant pool to help support other club initiatives. Grants via proposal cannot be donated to off campus organizations, though they can be used to cover the material cost of holding a fundraiser. They also cannot be used to purchase alcohol or gasoline, and only very limited funding will be given for prizes. Funds will not be reimbursed if the semester in which the grant is approved is over.

Trust accounts: Any additional money acquired by the club through membership dues, event revenue, fundraising or donations can be deposited in to an SFSS hosted trust account. Funds in trust accounts do not get absorbed at the end of each semester like core funding does; they carry forward as long as the club is in existence. To access trust money, a club executive with fund authority must present detailed till receipts or a letter signed by two club executives.

How do I get expenses reimbursed from my club account?

Only club executives with fund authority (designated in the club portal) can withdraw funds from core, trust or grant accounts. They must bring in receipts of purchase to the SFSS General Office to receive a reimbursement. We are unable to accept debit or credit slips as proof of purchase, so please obtain a detailed till receipt. Amounts under $50.00 may be reimbursed in cash (if money is available), while amounts over $50.00 will be reimbursed by cheque.  For amounts over $50, General Office staff will have the executive fill out a Cheque Requisition form, which generally takes two weeks to process. If you are removing money from your trust account and have not bought the item yet, have the executive with fund authority and another executive sign a letter approving the withdrawal.

Can my club get its own SFU email account and webspace?

Yes, they’re actually the same thing. When you apply/re-register your club online (the deadline is the third Friday of the semester), you will be able to access the page to request a club email account. Only the executive with email account authority designated in the club portal may request, renew, and initially access the password for the email account.

How do I book event/meeting space for my club?

SFSS clubs have the privilege of access to almost any space that SFU has to offer, including Harbour Centre, SFU Surrey, SFU Burnaby and SFSS rooms, recreational facilities, and open spaces (i.e. Convo Mall). Most rooms are free, but some have a cost. If this is the case, each club has a $200 room booking fund per semester. If the room costs more than $200, clubs can apply for a grant to cover the costs. Club executives with room booking authority (designated on the club portal) may request rooms on the club’s behalf. Room request forms can be completed in the SFSS General Office and take three to five business days to process, so plan in advance to make sure your club gets space that is appropriate for your event.

Once I have space, how do I rent equipment for my event?

From weekly meetings to carnivals, the staff at the SFSS General Office can help you with most aspects of event planning. If you require furniture or audiovisual equipment, work orders can be requested at the General Office. Facilities Management requests must be submitted at least five business days in advance for rental of equipment, like tables, chairs, display boards, etc. Orders for audiovisual equipment, such as data projectors, microphones or PA systems, can be placed via email. Simply reply to your room booking confirmation email received from the General Office to let the staff know what A/V equipment you will need. Allow three to five business days for your request to be processed. Please note that each club gets $150 per semester for A/V equipment, so spend wisely! The good news is that the SFSS covers all facilities requests.

How do I make my event/meeting accessible?

The SFSS Accessibility Fund began in 2005. Students with disabilities and event organizers can use this fund to remove barriers for students with disabilities who want to participate in club activities. You can make your event more accessible by providing voice-to-text translation, a sign language interpreter, temporary ramps, handouts in Braille, and other improvements. Please stop by the SFSS General Office to pick up an Accessibility Request Form.

How do I form a new club?

It’s pretty straightforward, really. All you need is a great idea and a minimum of 10 SFU undergraduate students who support it. A great way to advertise your club and sign up members is to attend Clubs Days, held during the second week of every semester. You can sign up for a Clubs Days table online in your club dashboard or in the SFSS General Office. At some point in week three, your club must arrange a meeting with your members, where you can elect at least two club executives, review your club constitution, discuss plans for the semester, and submit a club proposal online at www.sfss.ca. Once our club coordinators have reviewed your proposal, your club executives are required to attend a new club approval meeting with the coordinators, as well as a new executive orientation meeting. Once you have completed this process, and your club has ten confirmed members online, your club will be approved for the semester. The registration process can be completed on a multi-semester or single semester basis.