Room & Equipment Bookings

For all of the services listed below, you can reach the General Office by visiting Maggie Benston Centre Room 2250 or emailing You can also call 778.782.3870 or fax 778.782.5843.

FM Listening System

Our FM listening system is available to all student groups on campus and can be acquired at the General Office. The system has a transmitter and 10 personal receivers to accommodate large groups. Click here to fill out the request form.





Poster Boards

If you are advertising an event, notifying students of a room for rent, or announcing job availability, you are welcome to post ads on various campus boards maintained by the SFSS.  Please take a look at our Poster Board Map and be sure to respect other advertisements when you are postering.  

Rooms & Spaces

The SFSS has the following rooms & spaces available for reservation by SFU students and the broader community:
  • Conference Rooms (MBC 2290, 2292, 2294, & 2296)
  • Forum Chambers
  • Atrium Cafeteria
  • The Undergrounds
If you would more information or want to reserve a room, please visit the Student Society's General Office, MBC 2250, or call 778.782.3870.

To reserve space for an event at the SFSS Highland Pub, please contact - 778-782-4634