Grant Funding

Members - that’s students like you - have used Grant Funding to hold successful Frosh weeks, organize career fairs, initiate undergraduate conferences, publish newsletters, invite guest lecturers, present career nights, promote disability awareness, support weekly seminars, have faculty-wide SU events, and much, much more.

The SFSS Grant funding supplements core fund and there is a fundamental difference on what a grant fund can be used. The following are the restrictions on grant funding usage:

  1. Grants cannot be used to fundraise.
  2. Grants cannot be applied retroactively.
  3. Grant cannot be used to cover alcohol expense
  4. Grant fund can’t be donated to any off-campus organizations.
  5. Grants cannot be used to organize purely social events.
  6. When applying for grant, some core funding must be used towards the event.
  7. Groups can apply for up to 8% of the total grant funding budget per fiscal year.

The SFSS Granting Committee may approve grants totaling more than 8% in one year. Groups that need more money are encouraged to pair up with another student union. You can find the grant proposal form here. 

Who Do We Talk To For Help?

The Student Union Organizer is the SFSS staff person who coordinates the SU grant funding, and ensures that all student unions and constituency groups are thriving. You can also talk to any elected SFSS Board member for advice and support: the SFSS Treasurer, the Vice President Student Life who is responsible for clubs and student unions, or your Departmental and At-Large Representatives. If you’re an SFSS club, Grant Funding can apply to you, too- talk to the General Office staff in the MBC 2250. Non-SFSS groups should contact the SFSS Treasurer.

Funding and Budgets