Student Union Resource Office

The Student Union Resource Office, located in MBC 2238 at SFU Burnaby, is a source of information, assistance, and support for Faculty Student Unions (FSUs), Departmental Student Unions (DSUs), and Constituency Groups (CGs).

Our services include helping coordinate projects, programs and other events that will benefit the membership. We also facilitate and promote involvement of members in all aspect of the society’s activities and events through their FSUs, DSUs, and CGs.

Services provided to FSUs, DSUs, and CGs include, but are not limited to:

Event and Project Planning 

  • Project support and advising, including liaising with external vendors and SFU 
  • Guide students in using SFSS services/process service requests, including catering order form and  SFSS photo and video consent form
  • Pub security sponsorship approval
  • Review contracts, insurance waivers, indemnity and liability forms: sample event waiver, sample travel waiver, Event FAQ for Insurance assessment form
  • Organize community events and outreach
  • Promote FSU, DSU, and CG events and initiatives (see our Facebook page for information) 
  • Movie Screening Guidelines
  • Cheque Requisition Form
    • Click here to learn how to fill out a Cheque Requisition form
  • Honorarium Form

Training Materials and Resources

Providing training and resource materials
  • Executive and Council Training (one-on-one and groups)

Funding and Budgets

Certification and References

Personal and Professional Development Workshops

  • Organize personal development workshops such as Standard First Aid, Food Safe, Financial Literacy and Student Governance